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Learning and speaking Greek is now just a mouse click away!

What online courses do we offer?

Alexandria Institute offers distance learning courses in Greek language and culture: you can opt for private or group courses for all levels as well as Greek conversation courses for intermediate and advanced levels.

We also offer courses aimed at those interested in taking the Greek language proficiency exams, ancient Greek language courses, Greek philosophy courses, Greek literature and culture courses as well as Greek history courses.

Experienced and qualified teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language and certified in online training. As a result, not only do they possess a high degree of teaching experience but they are also familiar with how to tailor the lessons to the individual or group needs. During online classes, instructors use the most effective digital tools so as to turn every session into an educational, interesting and enjoyable experience.

How do the online courses work?

Every student can attend the lessons via a specifically developed educational digital platform. After receiving instructions guiding you though the login, our teachers will walk you through its use.

During the courses, students have constant visual access to the presentation and to the teaching material the tutor has prepared. Furthermore, the combination of an interactive board and various digital tools enables the students to have constant view of the teacher’s notes as well as write their own ones. Tutors will then digitally share the notes and the teaching material as well as assign homework. Participants watch videos, go through listening exercises, listen to songs and take quizzes together.

If you fail to show up for a class, it’s okay! You will be sent the video of the lesson so that you can watch it on your own and prepare yourself for the next one.


During groups and private online sessions, we make use not only of our own teaching material but also of the latest teaching manuals. Selecting the appropriate textbook, which students have to order, is subject to the group’s level and needs

What kind of equipment do students need?

Students attending the online courses will have to have a computer, a fast internet connection, a camera, a pair of headphones and an email account.

When do classes begin?

Group classes begin on specific dates announced on the Institute’s website. If the course you are interested in taking has already started, you can still enroll provided there are still spots available. In that case, you will get all the video recordings of the classes you missed. Private courses are available any time of the year you want.

Group lessons on demand!

Every month we activate extra online group courses on demand: Fill in the registration form or send us an email. Indicate your level, the days and hours you prefer and your time zone. 

The two-step registration process

    1. Fill out the application form, ticking off the course you are interested in.
    2. Receive our email listing the details of the trial session and guidelines on how to log on.

Discover your level

This quick and free online placement test will show your language level in Greek and help you choose the right course for you. You will receive the results within 2 working days. 

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