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09:00 – 13:00

All levels

Ancient Greek course

3 – 7 students

Pantheon , Coralli hotel & more.  Samos island, Marathokampos

Starting from 490

1 week: 5 days of lessons, 20 h.

2 week: 10 days of lessons, 40 h

Classes take place from Monday until Friday, from 9am to 1pm. On Saturday we usually organize an excursion or a cultural activity. Alexandria Institute has the right to change the schedule and organize classes in the afternoon in case there are no teachers or classrooms available.

If you wish, after your course in Samos, you can extend your studies to 3 or 4 weeks and continue your lessons in the next course organized in Chios island.

For participants of Bildungsurlaub the optional cultural and historical lessons offered in the afternoon are obligatory to come to the required 30 weekly lessons. The additional cost for the extra lessons in order to meet the 30 hours weekly is 290 euros.

Price table per week

1 week

490 €

640 €

2 weeks


3 weeks

4 weeks


Learn Greek and discover Samos!

Sign up for the Greek language courses on Samos, study Greek and discover the island’s traditions, beaches, heritage and contemporary life.

Alexandria Institute organizes a Modern Greek language and culture course for all levels on one of the most popular islands, Samos, in August. Students can enroll for an one-week or two-week course. We also offer an Ancient Greek language course.

Why in Samos?

Samos offers a rich cultural experience with its traditional villages, festivals, and local customs. Visiting the island allows you to immerse yourself in the everyday life of a Greek community, enhancing your understanding of the language in a practical context.

Historical and Archaeological Sites:

Samos is renowned for its archaeological treasures. Sites such as the Heraion, an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera, and the Tunnel of Eupalinos, an impressive ancient aqueduct, provide a unique backdrop for learning. Exploring these sites can deepen your appreciation for the historical context of the language.

Natural Beauty:

The island’s natural beauty, with its lush landscapes and pristine beaches, can provide an inspiring environment for learning. Studying in such a setting can contribute to a positive and focused learning atmosphere.

Famous Personalities from Samos:

Samos is associated with several famous personalities from ancient times, adding an extra layer of historical significance. Pythagoras, the famous mathematician and philosopher, was born on Samos. Learning about his life and contributions can be an enriching part of your educational experience.

Language Practice:

Living in Samos will give you ample opportunities to practice Modern Greek in real-life situations. Conversing with locals, shopping in markets, and participating in community events will enhance your language skills and cultural understanding.

Our courses include:

In case attendance is greater than expected, further excursions and tour guides may be added. The original itinerary may have to be modified, in response to unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. A minimum attendance of three students is required for our cultural course to take place.

Where do lessons take place?

Classes are held at Pantheon hotel and other locations , in the area of Ormos Marathokampou, Samos.

Where will I stay?

Alexandria Institute can arrange for its students to stay at Pantheon HOTEL and in other hotels in the aerea of Ormos Marathokampos.








From 79 € per night




From 69 € per night




contact for info

Would you like to share an apartment, studio or room with another student? Please let us know when you fill in the registration form.

How can I get to Samos?

By boat


By plane


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