Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, at the end of each course you will receive a certificate from Alexandria Institute.

Initially, you must fill out the registration form on our site. After confirming our availability, we will guide you through the process of making the payment within three (3) days. Once we receive the payment, we will confirm your participation on the program.

Yes, you can register last minute. If there is availability, you will be admitted.

We will send you an evaluation test and arrange an appointment online to discuss your assigned level.

You can cancel 12 hours before the session is scheduled to begin, at no charge.

If you cancel 30 days before the program begins, you will receive a refund; however, we will keep 100 euros from your deposit as cancellation charges. If you cancel within 30 days before the program begins, no refund can be given. If possible, you will be offered the opportunity to attend another of our courses within one (1) year.

No refund will be given for canceling online courses. If you fail to attend a group online course, we will send you the video recording provided this is technically possible.

Yes, you can keep the educational material.

In the rare event that the teacher has to cancel a lesson, they will notify you as soon as possible. The course will be completed on another day and time. In group lessons, a replacement session will be arranged whenever possible.

Our courses do not revolve exclusively around Greek language; they are also Greek culture courses. Therefore, teachers always include elements of everyday culture, history, music and art to meet their students’ needs.

The Institute can provide you with suggestions as well as offer you accommodation in apartments or hotels where each program takes place. For more information, visit the “accommodation” page.


Greek language Courses in Greece

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online Greek courses

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