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1 – 4 weeks or more

10:00 – 14:00

Basic – Intermediate – Advanced

1 – 6 students

Athens – Alexandria Institute

From 290 € per week

2 to 4 hours a day depending on the number of participants

Classes are taught Monday to Friday. On national holidays, missed classes are made up within the remaining days of the course.  Alexandria Institute reserves the right to modify the schedule as well as  arrange some afternoon/evening courses in case tutors or rooms are unavailable. 


Price table per week

1 week

290 €

490 €

2 weeks

660 €

3 weeks

4 weeks

840 €


1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks

Study Ancient Greek in Athens, home to where the greatest intellectuals of antiquity lived and taught.

Alexandria Institute offers intensive group courses in Ancient Greek language and culture in Athens at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Courses run for one, two, four or more weeks and start on the first and third Monday of every month.

Our passion for the Greek language and expertise in teaching Ancient Greek have armed us with the appropriate tools, helping turn every session into an educational, interesting and engaging experience. Boasting a unique historical heritage, the city of Athens is ideal for hosting the Institute’s educational and cultural events. It’s where the Attic Greek dialect, language used by prolific Greek writers, flourished and where the brightest Ancient Greek minds lived and taught. Follow the path paved by Socrates and Paul the Apostle and indulge in a unique educational and academic experience.

We aim to identify each student’s needs, preferences and interests so as to tailor the courses accordingly. You will work with a selection of carefully edited texts designed to improve your vocabulary, grammar and syntax as well as your knowledge of the fundamentals of the ancient Greek civilization. In addition to teaching the language, we also offer activities ensuring the students’ visit to Athens is a truly educational and cultural experience.

Whether your free time is limited to two weeks or you have a greater time frame, Alexandria Institute can come up with the schedule that suits your needs.

Our courses include:

In case attendance is greater than expected, further excursions and tour guides may be added. The original itinerary may have to be modified in response to unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. A minimum participation of three students is required for the cultural walk or the guided tour.

Whether you have limited free time (one or two weeks) or a longer time frame, Alexandria Institute can come up with a schedule to suit your needs and preferences.

Ancient Greek language courses- Registration

Study ancient Greek in Athens all year round, in Paros island during summer and online. Fill out the registration form and choose the  course you prefer.

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