Which Ancient Greek language course can I sign up for?

Alexandria Institute offers intensive Ancient Greek language lessons at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are held in Athens and Paros and are two or four weeks long. Private online classical Greek as well as group lessons are also available.

Our courses are aimed at scholars, academics or students as well as anyone who wishes to understand original Ancient Greek literature texts written either in the Attic Greek dialect or in Biblical Greek. An additional Athens course for those wishing to delve into the language used in the Bible and the Gospels is also available.


Ancient Greek language lessons are available at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

In the basic level course students learn the alphabet, pronunciation, fundamental grammar and syntax rules as well as reading and understanding short, simple texts.

The intermediate level course is aimed at those who already have basic knowledge of the alphabet and fundamental grammar and syntax rules. It is designed to introduce students to more complex grammar and syntax rules and helps them expand their vocabulary as well as understand longer texts.

The advanced level course is based on studying, analyzing and discussing selected authentic Greek literature texts. The choice of texts worked on depend on the students’ needs and preferences.

The students’ level and interests are taken into consideration and the courses are adapted to suit to their needs.

Why opt for the Institute’s courses?

Our teachers are fully qualified in teaching Ancient Greek. As a result, not only do they possess a high degree of teaching experience but they are also familiar with how to adapt courses to individual or group needs and student learning style. They have an in-depth knowledge of Ancient and Modern Greek and are able to highlight how these languages evolve and how they are still very much alive. Furthermore, Sessions are taught using effective digital tools as well as a broad range of teaching material turning every lesson into an educational, interesting and engaging experience.

Our simple, three-step approach

  1. The lesson begins with a brief overview of the origins and evolution of the Greek language. Students are presented with specifically edited texts on which they work to explore vocabulary, grammar, syntax as well as the fundamentals of ancient Greek civilization. As the course unfolds, we study the linguistic evolution along with similarities and differences between Attic Greek and Biblical Greek. Moreover, depending on the learners’ needs and preferences, we place more emphasis on one of these language versions and adjust the teaching approach and the choice of texts accordingly.


  1. After discussing the roots and evolution of the language, we move onto the second stage, by studying phonological evolution and Ancient Greek pronunciation rules. It is worth noting that, in spite of the notable differences between Ancient and Modern Greek, lessons are taught bearing in mind the language’s continuity and uninterrupted nature. Although understanding Erasmian pronunciation as well as 5th/4th century A.D. fundamental Attic Greek phonetics is a standard practice in the academic world with substantial benefits, approaching the language through Modern Greek pronunciation provides the students with the opportunity to delve deeper into how the Greek language functions.


  1. Alexandria Institute boasts an extensive, up-to-date list of textbooks, techniques, dictionaries, tourist guides and multimedia intended for assisting students in their effort to broaden their knowledge.


Spending years teaching Ancient Greek to students from all over the world has helped us shape our unique style of teaching and methodology. Whether the students’ reasons for taking up the course are academic or personal, we regard Ancient Greek as a living language, directly connected to contemporary Greek.


Our teachers, with an in-depth perception of Ancient and Modern Greek, are not only capable of pointing out similarities and differences but also encourage students to discover for themselves that Ancient Greek is a living language: road signs, labels of products and everyday conversations carry dozens of ancient Greek words – either retaining their original meaning or developing a similar one – still in use today.


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