• 03/06/24 – 14/06/24
  • 02/09/24 – 13/09/24
  • 16/09/24 – 27/09/24
  •  04/08/24 – 11/08/24 (VOLISSOS)
  • 29/04/24 – 10/05/24 (Easter)
  • 17/06/24 – 28/06/24


09:00 – 13:00


All levels

Greek literature & culture course

3 –7 students

Voulamandis House – Chios island, Kampos.

Starting from 490€ 

1 week: 5 days of lessons, 20 h.

2 week: 10 days of lessons, 40 h

The Greek Easter language course for 2024 will be offered only as a private or semi-private course from 29/04/24 – 10/05/24. On Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday the students have the possibility to participate to activities related to Greek Easter.

During the summer courses, lessons take place from Monday until Friday. On Saturday we organise an excursion or a cultural activity. 

Alexandria Institute has the right to change the schedule and organize classes in the afternoon in case there are no teachers or classrooms available.

If you wish you can extend your studies to 3 or 4 weeks.

For participants of Bildungsurlaub the optional cultural and historical lessons offered in the afternoon are obligatory to come to the required 30 weekly lessons. The additional cost for the extra lessons in order to meet the 30 hours weekly is 290 euros.

Price table per week

1 week

490 €

640 €

2 weeks

990 €

3 weeks

4 weeks

1160 €


1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks

Learn Greek while exploring Chios

Alexandria Institute organizes a Modern Greek language and culture course for all levels on Chios, one of the most distinctive islands in the Aegean. Courses take place at Easter, in June and in September. Students can enroll for an one-week, two-week, three-week or four-week course, depending on the availability.

Our school offers intensive courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes aim to help students develop all language skills, while priority is given to speaking as well as verbal comprehension in a multitude of communicative scenarios.

Emphasis is placed on acquainting participants with the Greek culture: local tradition and customs, everyday activities, Greek music, literature, mythology and history are an integral part of the course. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the island’s ancient and medieval history, the Byzantine mosaics in Nea Moni monastery, the medieval mastic villages as well as Kambos fruit orchards. What’s more, they will get to taste the exclusive Chian mastic as well as other distinctive flavours and aromas

New Greek literature & culture course: Volissos village 04/08 -11/08/24

Volissos village (Chios island) Greek literature and culture

Aimed at participants from level B1 upwards that would like to become familiar with the most representative works of Modern Greek literature and culture. A selection of literary texts and works of art is presented within a historical and cultural context and are used as a basis for study and discussion. The course deals with the principal literary periods. Students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into the Greek language and culture by commenting on the language linguistically processing the texts and commenting on them.

The curriculum can be arranged in a way that suits the students’ needs and preferences. For instance, priority can be given to the works of one writer, one specific book, or a certain literary era or genre, e.g. poetry, short stories or novels.

Students particularly keen on literature, arts, history and traditions, who wish to either familiarize themselves with Greek culture or explore it more exhaustively, will certainly find this specific course ideal. 

LEARN MORE HERE: https://alexandria-institute.com/greek-literature

Why sign up for Chios courses?

Chios is a unique place, attractive to visitors all year round. Our students will not only have the chance to learn Greek but also experience the many islands’ unique Easter customs. The most characteristic is Holy Saturday’s rocketwar: two churches “attack” one another by firing rockets, creating a spectacular show. 

In summer, Chios oozes mastic, a unique product both in terms of domestic and international trade. Turquoise dappled waters and a myriad of local customs and copious cultural heritage invite you to a fascinating trip we can take together!
Join our group and share your passion for Greek language and culture with students from all over the world!

Our courses include:

In case attendance is greater than expected, further excursions and tour guides may be added. The original itinerary may have to be modified, in response to unexpected weather conditions or in function of local events. A minimum attendance of three students is required for the cultural and social activities to take place.

Το εκπαιδευτικό υλικό
Ένας πολιτιστικός περίπατος ή μια ξενάγηση σε ένα μουσείο
Το δείπνο καλωσορίσματος και αποχαιρετισμού
Προβολή ελληνικής ταινίας ή διάλεξη με θέμα σχετικό με τον ελληνικό πολιτισμό
Ένα μάθημα χορού ή ένα μάθημα μαγειρικής ή εργαστήρι ελληνικής μουσικής
Πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης

Where do lessons take place?

Classes are held at Voulamandis House, a traditional mansion located on 117, Kalvokoressi street, in Kampos.

(Map location)  https://g.page/Voulamandis_house?share

Where will I stay?

Alexandria Institute can arrange for its students to stay at Voulamandis House.

This traditional hostel is located in Kampos, admittedly the most beautiful area of the island, in an orchard abounding with oranges and tangerine trees, just three kilometers away from the sandy beach of Karfas.

The warm decoration combined with the unique Kampos architectural style ensures a pleasant stay. Rooms are bright, spacious and air-conditioned with large bathrooms, equipped with LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, a fridge and electric kettles. The tranquility, distinct colors and scent of its surroundings makes Voulamandis House an ideal place to concentrate on studying Greek and relax.

At Volissos village, for the Greek literature and culture course, we offer accommodation at Zorbas apartment.


accommodation costs








52 € per night

57 € per night

70 € per night

57 € per night

62 € per night

75 € per night

10 euros per person per day


75 € per night

82 € per night

12 euros  per day

Please make your reservation as soon as possible. There are limited rooms available. In case there is no availability at Voulamandis House we can arrange your accommodation in an other hotel within walking distance from the location of the lessons.

How can I get to Chios?

By boat

You can take the ferry from the port of Piraeus, which is forty minutes from Athens center by subway (subway line 1). The ferry trip takes about seven and a half to nine hours. During the summer months we recommend that you book the crossing.

By plane

“Omiros” National Airport is four kilometers from Voulamandis House. A 10 minute taxi ride is the most convenient way of getting there. During the summer months we recommend you book your airplane ticket in advance.

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