23/01/23 (online)

04/09/23 (Chios)

06/11/23 (Athens)

2 weeks (in person courses)

12 weeks (online format)

10:00 – 14:00 (in person courses)

Every Monday, 8pm – 10pm greek time (online format)

B1 – C2

3 – 7 students

Athens – Alexandria Institute


Chios island

490€ (Athens)

640€ (Chios summer course)

280€ (online format)

40 hours – (course in Chios & Athens)

24 h – online format

Classes in Athens courses are held from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning. Alexandria Institute has the right to change the schedule and schedule classes in the afternoon in case there are no teachers or classrooms available.


1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks

Alexandria Institute offers courses in Greek literature and culture

Aimed at participants from level B1 upwards that would like to become familiar with the most representative works of Modern Greek literature and culture. A selection of literary texts and works of art is presented within a historical and cultural context and are used as a basis for study and discussion. The course deals with the principal literary periods. Students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into the Greek language and culture by commenting on the language linguistically processing the texts and commenting on them.

The curriculum can be arranged in a way that suits the students’ needs and preferences. For instance, priority can be given to the works of one writer, one specific book, or a certain literary era or genre, e.g. poetry, short stories or novels.

Students particularly keen on literature, arts, history and traditions, who wish to either familiarize themselves with Greek culture or explore it more exhaustively, will certainly find this specific course ideal.

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