Cultural walk around the center of Athens!
Explore Athens’ history and heritage away from museums or archaeological sites
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Upon Request

1 day

Upon Request

Α1 – C2

Private walk  or in a group


60€ for a private walk

2 to 3 hours

Meeting point: “Panepistimio” subway station (subway exit: National Library) (LINK to map)

Finishing point: Amalias Avenue (at Olimpio / close to “Akropolis” subway station) (LINK to map)

Duration: two and a half to three hours

Date and time: by appointment

Cost: 60 euros for a private walk. Contact us for a group offer.

Languages: English, Greek

Led by a historian / archaeologist

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Detailed description:

This cultural walk around the center of Athens is a unique experience for every visitor. Not only will they get to know the city’s history and its most significant sights but will also feel the lively vibe of the city. A modern cosmopolitan city, Athens combines the architecture of neoclassical buildings, ancient monuments, scattered Byzantine and Ottoman elements with contemporary creative and artistic architecture.

Starting with the “Athenian Trilogy” and Arsakio, we are going to walk up Panepistimiou Str. heading for Sintagma Square where the various buildings provide us with a superb opportunity to refer to the historical events of the modern Greek state as well as aspects of the city’s everyday life, ranging from Otto, the country’s first king, through to the post-war period. From the Greek Parliament we continue to Egli Zappiou before heading to Olimpio and from there reach the Acropolis district. Strolling along Dionysiou Areopagitou Street we talk about the Parthenon, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the three hills (Hill of the Muses, Pnika and Hill of the Nymphs). After walking through Thisio area, we to head for Keramikos cemetary, the legendary necropolis where Pericles’ Funeral Oration was delivered. From there, we continue along Adrianou Street leading us to Monastiraki and Plaka, where antiquity coalesces with Ottoman era, unveiling the city’s diversity in all its glory!

Leaving the historic area of Plaka with its numerous Byzantine churches and the charming Anafiotika behind, visitors take in the wealth of Athenian beauty and gain an insight into the city’s landmarks and those who shaped the face of Athens.

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