02, 03 & 04 February 2022


16 weeks


All levels

3 – 6 students



24 h

The courses last for 16 weeks, with a 90 min session held once a week. Courses run with a minimum of 3 students and maximum of 6.

If you miss a class, we will send you a record of what was taught in class. If you didn’t manage to sign up for the courses on time, you can still attend the remaining sessions provided there are places available; in which case, you will receive a copy of all the teaching material used in the course up to that point.

Πίνακας τιμών ανά εβδομάδα

1 εβδομάδα



2 εβδομάδες


3 εβδομάδες

4 εβδομάδες


Study the language in which the greatest texts of ancient times were written!

Join our online class to familiarize yourself with Ancient Greek while mixing with students from all over the world!

Alexandria Institute organizes regular Ancient Greek language courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

The courses are carried out with the help of up-to-date teaching materials, which are tailored to suit the students’ individual needs and learning style. Tutors choose the textbook, send extra material to students when needed and assign homework. The textbook is not included in the fees and can be ordered at an additional charge.

Ancient Greek language courses- Registration

Study ancient Greek in Athens all year round, in Paros island during summer and online. Fill out the registration form and choose the  course you prefer.

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Greek language Courses in Greece

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online Greek courses

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