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Athens – Alexandria Institute

30 € per hour

10 hours package minimum

The lessons of the program take place from Monday to Friday.

Price table per hours

10 hours

300 €

540 €

20 hours

750 €

30 hours

40 hours

— €


10 hours


20 hours


30 hours


40 hours

Alexandria Institute offers Ancient Greek language private lessons that can be specifically adapted to suit the student’s demands.

Our fully trained staff identifies each student’s needs so that the courses run at a pace, and with a structure and a method which each student is comfortable with. Whether you are visiting Athens for a limited time or whether you live permanently in the city you can take the Ancient Greek language private course at our office or in your home.

Ancient Greek language courses- Registration

Study ancient Greek in Athens all year round, in Paros island during summer and online. Fill out the registration form and choose the  course you prefer.

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