Alexandria Institute and our vision

The Institute

Located in Athens, Alexandria Institute organizes Modern and Ancient Greek language and culture courses. Our seminars are held in Athens, Chios, Paros and in various other places in Greece as well as online. We also offer teacher training courses while also organizing lectures and cultural walks.

Our Vision

We aim to do our utmost to study, explore, promote and share our love for the Greek language and culture as well as the humanities in general. Our goal is to provide our students with a complete and unique travel and cultural experience as well as to strengthen the ties among people and cultures worldwide.

Our team

The core of our school is our team, consisting of skilled Greek teachers with experience in teaching Greek. It therefore comes as no surprise that students from all over the world keep signing up for our courses!

Greek language Courses in Greece

If you are interested in Greek language and culture courses in Athens, Chios, Paros or other locations in Greece please click on the link below

online Greek courses

If you are interested in private or group Online Greek language and culture courses please click on the link below.