The story behind Alexandria Institute

The Foundation

Andreas Tselikas was inspired to establish the Alexandria Institute after dedicating many years to digitizing and documenting Byzantine and post-Byzantine manuscripts in the Patriarchal Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

“A captivating city, with its highly acclaimed Library and Museum, Alexandria was humanity’s first truly scientific and literary hub, embodying the freedom of scientific research and universal access to knowledge. Unsurprisingly, these are the very values depicted on the Institute’s logo, which is inspired by a Hellenistic period coin. Isis Pharia, or Pelagia, patron saint of sailors, is standing on the bow of a vessel, holding a stretched sail, showing travelers the way to the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Following in those footsteps, we aspire for our school to lead the students toward the beacon of humanities.

Andreas Tselikas teaches Modern and Ancient Greek to students from all over the world. After studying Classics in Athens, he went on to complete his postgraduate studies in cultural heritage management at the University of Bologna. Together with his colleagues he shares the vision of promoting Greek language and culture and humanities in general.


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