Our lessons include a wide range of activities that focus primarily on oral interaction but which also develop listening, reading, and writing language skills. Teaching is based on students interacting with each other as well as with the teacher, and tutors are perfectly aware of how to create an optimal learning environment allowing for communication and creativity whilst developping all of their skills. In addition, our Institute has a broad range of textbooks, an up-to-date library and a variety of educational material. This allows us to prepare and adapt the lessons appropriately to meet the needs, preferences and learning style of our students.

Cultural walks, trips to archaeological and historical sites, museums and stunningly beautiful places, talking and interacting with the locals, tasting new flavors and scents, observing regional festivals and concerts are an integral part of this unique experience allowing our students to gain a deeper knowledge of Greece in a short period of time. Together we discover the unique natural beauties of the country, aiming to capture its myth, culture and heritage. We combine knowledge and passion throughout the program and are rewarded with beaming smiles, bringing about a huge sense of achievement.

Becoming familiar with the Greek language and delving into the country’s history and culture is what distinguishes a true traveller from a tourist. Through this multifaceted educational and travel experience we are inspired to probe into the roots and origins of European and Western culture in general.


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